LED fire warm fireplace indoor furniture decoration US European style

We have seven styles Fireplace.

1.Statuary fireplace Mantel

2.Column-style fireplace Mantel

3.Flower-style fireplace Mantel

4.Overmantel fireplace Mantel

5.Double fireplace Mantel

6.Mixed-color style fireplace Mantel

7.Line-style fireplace Mantel

Electric fireplace as a new type of electric heating appliances fusion principle of modern optics, with excellent functional conservation of natural resources and environmental protection, provide heating performance is more convenient in the preservation of the original classical model under the premise of.

Electric fireplace series products are quoted the European classical fireplace production technology and modern acoustic optical principle, so that the traditional fireplace has been greatly improved in the design, in the elegant to create a green environmental protection and more passionately in real wood burning effect.

Electric fireplace as a household electric appliance, has the advantages of cleanness and sanitation is safe and reliable handling convenience combustion utilization rate higher characteristic. And burning wood and gas fireplace in comparison, not difficult to prevent electric fireplace ash produced strange smell and the flame burning noise; the electric wall stove not only can save heating costs, but also can bring elegant ornamental effect. Bring safe and convenient to enjoy the warm and comfortable electric fireplace. Touch switch, magical flame instant results show. Convenient installation, beautiful flame will bring home decoration beautiful mood for you. The embedded and independent electric fireplace to the room warm and comfortable.

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