Hualin Jade market was local in the Xia-jiu road , is the largest market for jade in Guangzhou. The market covers an area of 10,000 sqm and the vast majority of Guangzhou’s jade traders can be found in the area, where there are many stalls selling jade and pearl. Hualin Jade Street’s history dating back to the Qing Dynasty. The Qing dynasty, the jade is Waring Street, where the Xin-sheng Street, King’s Gate Street and the West to the beginning of land area has been.
Here, one can find not only small jade items costing a few yuan but also rings, bangles, pendants and sculptures, with price tags ranging from about Rmb100 to tens of thousands of yuan.. For instance, a jade Buddha on sale at one of the shops, Dawanfu, is priced at Rmb168,000 (HK$158,400). The traders here do both wholesale and retail business, with some domestic and foreign buyers purchasing hundreds of pieces of jade items.[Not a valid template]
Diversified kinds of jade articles, as well as excellent workmanship and moderate prices, attract millions of domestic and overseas merchants and tourists, making it the famous collecting and distributing centre for jade articles. At the core of Hualin Street is a newly-built Hualin Building which is the largest indoorjade market on the street. Most of the traders sell products they process themselves. They generally buy roughs from Yunnan province for processing in the suburbs of Guangzhou and sell the processed items in the jade market.
The art of jade processing in Guangzhou is among the best in the country. Many traders at the Hualin Street jade market were formerly master craftsmen working at the Guangzhou Jade Factory and NanfangJade Carving Factory, who resigned and set up their own businesses.
Besides, the office of the Guangdong Bullion & Jewellry Inspection Centre on the street can ensure customers that they will not buy fake articles.
Because of this street is famous for Jade which has attract more than 1 million merchants and tourists come to this transaction and sightseeing in every year..



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