If you are seeking a local buying agent in Guangzhou China to assist you with purchasing wholesale products, One Direction Trading Ltd is at your service. Over the past several years we have helped retailers and wholesalers from around the world purchased a lot of products. We are not only source products but constantly introduces our customers to exciting new designs and innovations in the market.

All packing, as well as shipping services, will be taken care of. We will also handle negotiations with suppliers in order to assure you goods of lowest price, yet maintaining the highest quality, and thereby secure you a market advantage. For professional, experienced and hands on service, please contact us.

Why does your company need a buying agent?
Guangzhou city is a great place for sourcing stock for your retail or wholesale shops, for finding unique and finely crafted furniture/interior décor/garment and other high quality sales items. However, because of cultural and language differences, it can be difficult for foreign buyers to negotiate their way into finding quality products, negotiating prices as well as seeing the job through to delivery. This is where we come in.

Our specialised staff can help take the weight off your shoulders, taking you to the best workshops, supplier showrooms & factories to view the widest range of products, giving you great ideas for your order. After having selected your desired products we will take care of the rest! We will also ensure thorough quality control. Many inexpensive products can be of very poor quality and will not survive the shipping process. This is why our many years of experience, as well as our dedication in inspecting products during manufacturing as well as pre-shipping, is crucial to ensure you a delivery of ready-for-sale products. We record, in minute detail, your design and material specifications to ensure that no production mistakes occur.

What do we offer?
During a visit of a recommended 3-5 days, our representative will accompany you on visits to manufacturers to gather a wide range of products. We will pick you up each day and visit specific areas and suppliers according to the product types you are looking for.

The norm here is that the manufacturer expects a 30% deposit upon order, followed by the balance when the products are ready for shipping. We will handle all arrangements including inspections and guarantees.

Our Services:
We can assure you a convenient and successful buying experience in Guangzhou. From the moment you arrive in Guangzhou we will assist you in all of your business transactions. You may also rest assured that after you have returned to your own country, we continue your work with full dedication to guarantee the highest quality for your products and an on-time shipment, without any delays.

For us, every client is a priority.

We guarantees full co-ordination between you and the suppliers including:
� Bridging language barriers
� Bargaining for fair and competitive prices
� Quality Control- Making sure only high quality goods are received
� Arranging all final orders
� Packing and shipping
� Payment of suppliers and invoicing you for a single money transfer
� Re-ordering once you return home
� Design consultancy
� Logistics and warehousing

With grounded expertise and many years of experience, we will ensure that your orders and delivery run smoothly, without any disappointments, while you enjoy our beautiful city and its surroundings.

Please contact us with any further information you may need.